Litwel India Limited, manufacturer and marketer of VISMA brand of a vast range of Luminaires, Lighting Fixtures and Accessories started their operations about a decade back. Till about year 2000, range was limited and marketing was confined to NCR territory and a skeleton network of distribution in some select upcountry markets.

During the year 2001-2002, company drew out its Roadmap for a well planned all round rapid growth. Product portfolio, geographical reach, market segments and tie-up as an OEM vendor to a few lighting Majors.

As a part of implementation of the Roadmap, a state-of-the-art facility was commissioned at Industrial hub of Bawana, Delhi with modern machinery comprising:

• 7 tank chemical Treatment for degreasing, de-rusting, Phosphating and passivating 
• Well equipped high capacity powder coating plant for painting the metal fabrications 
• Automatic coil winding machines 
• Vacuum impregnated varnish machines 
• Digital meters for all electrical parameters 
• Life testing racks 

Another Facility in the Industrial Belt at Manesar, Haryana is now operative and comprises 

• Conveyerised assembly lines for electronic PCBs for a wide rang of Electronic Ballasts 
• Digital meters for all electrical parameters 
• Life testing racks 

In the year 2010, next milestone of backward integration Road map was accomplished by being self sufficient in all facets of manufacturing. At Bawana works a comprehensive metal fabrication facility has been set up.. The facility consists of a modern Tool Room and well equipped workshop having

• Shearing Machines
• High Tonnage Presses
• Hand presses
• Drilling Machines
• Spot welding
• Threading machine

The upgraded facility not only enables enhanced production, accuracy and workmanship of fabrications of the existing vast range but also provides an edge over competitors for customization of fixtures, if so, required by customers.

Management: Seasoned entrepreneurs Mr. Vinod Gupta and Mr. Manoj Gupta with proven track record of successes in managing a diversity of business, provide the leadership in developing products and managing the manufacturing operations.

Distribution Network:Visma's presence virtually is in all major markets in India more than 100 distributors located in major markets.

Institutional Clientele: Institutional clients list is truly impressive encompassing practically all segments of Corporate, Industry and Government. Prestigious client's partial list is enclosed.